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Grace Apostolic Temple
Meeting at Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church
9656 Waters Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118


Phoenix Rising… A Miracle Taking Flight – Join Us!

Donate Now to Bring God to Seattle Youth and Families

Grace Apostolic Temple is a safe place for those who are broken, spiritually lost, or simply looking for a greater, deeper relationship with Christ. Since 1978 we have been celebrating the love and fellowship of Jesus Christ with youth, families, and individuals throughout greater Seattle and especially in our neighborhood, the Rainier Valley.

Join Us in Transforming the Lives of Christian Youth and Families in South Seattle

The need in greater Seattle is stronger than ever as is our resolve to reach out with ministries and services to meet the growing needs of our community. Today, more people in Seattle are hurting, desperate, in need of help - and without God in their lives. As is the case in many US cities today, many people in Seattle are living with the notion that God, salvation, and the church are simply not needed. Our commitment to helping to uplift Seattle is stronger than ever.

Over the last ten years, our church has faced numerous setbacks. Watch the video to hear how we have been mightily tested. Despite the challenges, nothing can weaken our commitment to bring God to the lives of the Seattle community.

Phoenix Rising - A Miracle Taking Flight is a fundraising campaign to totally eliminate our building mortgage. We are asking you to partner with us with your generous financial support to help pay off our mortgage.

Please Donate Now and Tell a Friend

Every donation
, no matter how modest, will help us reach our goal. Please donate now on our GoFundMe site. If I can inspire you to donate $5, $10, $25 or more we will be eternally grateful. In addition, I am asking 300 of our closest friends and colleagues to partner with us for a one-time donation of $500 or $1,000.Remember, there is strength and power in partnership. We cannot do this without you!

Please ask your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and by phone to stand with us in paying off our mortgage debt. Every action will make a tangible difference in eliminating our mortgage debt and propelling us into our destiny to meet the needs of hurting, broken people who are seeking a deeper, richer life.

We Need Your Support - Please donate now

Just as Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes, your gift will multiply the work of our hands and prayers in our community. Together, we will conquer the greater Seattle community for Christ.

Please donate now then urge your friends to stand with us, too.


Please Donate To Eliminate
Our Building Mortgage

Fundraising Goals
$300,000 by Nov. 30, 2013
$1.2 million by Nov. 2014




Grace Apostolic Temple
Meeting at Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church
9656 Waters Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
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