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Grace Apostolic Temple
Meeting at Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church
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BRIDGES - A Center for Individual and Family Development

Are you ready to enjoy a full, rich, authentic life? If you or someone you know is feeling distress, long term sadness, insomnia, weight loss, inability to concentrate or had thoughts of suicide, help is here. We offer psychotherapy sessions designed to empower you to make choices that will create the rich, full, authentic life you desire.

Getting Started

The first step is to schedule an evaluation meeting. At your evaluation meetings you and psychotherapist Roland E. Hairston, Psy. D. will discuss your concerns, desires, and treatment objectives. Both of you will determine whether Dr. Hairston is the best person to provide the services you need to meet your treatment objectives. If you decide he is, fees will be discussed and additional sessions will be scheduled. (Note: fees on a sliding scale may be available, based on family income.)

Once you begin, you will discover how to slowly, carefully, and consciously build the life you want, the life with speaks to your true purpose.

Through treatment you will be empowered to make conscious choices about the direction of your life.
• What you believe
• Who or what you want to become
• How you want to live your life
• The people and things you want around you

Additional goals may include:
• Self-discovery and personal empowerment.
• Increased intimacy in interpersonal relationship or marriage.
• Enhanced emotional stability, reduction in anger, anxiety, guilt, fear, shame, and depression.
• Inner-healing from addictive behaviors including pornography, and physical and sexual abuse
of others.

Roland E. Hairston, Psy. D. is a psychotherapist in practice since 2000. He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

Confidentiality In general all communication between a psychotherapist and a client are confidential. There are some exceptions. Please ask us about this if you have any questions.

Call us today at 206-722-8869 ext 218 for more information and to schedule an evaluation meeting.

Bridges is a Ministry of Urban Impact Seattle
Address: 7728 Rainier Avenue S., Seattle, WA 98118
Office: 206-722-8869 ext 218
Cell: 425-442-3109




Grace Apostolic Temple

Meeting at Rainier Beach Presbyterian Church
9656 Waters Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118
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